What kind of Animal(Besides Human) are you?


Were you born as a Human, a Metis(Child of two shifters, suffer sever social consequences; not available for all races) or as an Animal(This is a legitimate option, don't disregard it without considering it first)?


What is your Auspice/Aspect?  This is the closest thing to your class in this game, sometimes dictated by time of day or phase of the moon; Others times adjusted based on age(like Bears)


When did you experience your  First Change?


Are you new to Washington DC or are you a local?  Yes, contrary to popular belief there are D.C. Locals and some even go back multiple generations.


If you are new, what brought you to D.C.?


Do you have any fetishes or talons?   Magic Items that your character carries.  Not kinky sex stuff. 


Every good Pack has a Totem spirit, while some Fera have an individual totem, look at the totems available and debate with other players which one you might want for your group.  

What kinfolk do you have, not necessarily your family(though that is a useful tool) but actual shifter blooded non-shifters in the area?  are they in local zoos or preserves, or living in a thriving immigrant neighborhood?


how do you keep a roof over your head.  Resources 5 is great on paper, but how do you maintain and grow that wealth?



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